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Elretag Cosmetic are leading Factory of Wet Wipes, makeup remover & kitchen towels located in New Damietta city, Northern Egypt
Since its inception in 2016 as Egypt's leading Cosmetic company serving the wet wipes & kitchen towel industry, Elretag Cosmetic has continued to expand into different business activities.

Currently, Elretag deliver products for consumers and businesses in the areas of Cosmetics, health, body care, pharmacies, and Hyper markets.

Elretag is a customer-focused company that is committed to improving lives and doing business in the right way - in big ways and small – working tirelessly to deliver its vision of setting the standards of excellence across all lines of business.

Today, Mr. Mahmoud Amer serves as Elretag’s Chairman. He approach focuses on streamlining operations in order to save on resources without sacrificing efficiency and ensuring further growth of the company. Mr. Mahmoud Amer believes that successful leadership is sustained by creating a trust-based environment, where employees and colleagues collaborate and empowered to promote positive change.

Prior to stepping into his role as Elretag’s Chairman, Mr. Mahmoud Amer has made significant contributions to Egypt’s beauty & health care sector in various roles.